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Pets/and other problems

My tenant has informed me that his dog has parvo, now my other tenants are moving in this week. Can I sue the previous tenant because this may cause me to loose my new tenants. Also, he told me that he pour bleach on the dog waste in my yard and now it has killed my grass. What measure can I take against him. He didn't tell me that he flooded my 1/2 bathroom in the garage that it was running for so long that it was going out the garage down my drive way, and now the wood is wet.  And from them mopping my hardwood floors in the kitchen apparently let the water sit on my hardwood floor and now the wood is warped.  I had already given them the deposit back before he was through doing some painting and cleaning; am I out of luck or can I take it to the next measure and sue.  Thank you
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Wow, Gail what a mess. I don't think I would have given the deposit back prior to move out. You could sent funds owed after move out, but not sure if he would pay.
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