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pest control

When I rented our town-house in November 2011 we had a nice place to live and though it was smaller than we thought we knew we would be fine for a year. During the winter one of the pipes busted and the entire underside of the place was soaked it has some evident floor damage and the plummer has make a huge hole in an outter wall. While niether of these things is the issue - since that point we have been inundated with pests - ants fall from the cieling, little roaches have been founs on the cubbards - I have requested the property manager to have an exterminator come however the landlords have said they will do no repairs or send services out to the place while we are still there - I have spent money trying to fix it my self and they keep coming back- I have 2 infant children living with me now and am fearful that the kids may become ill and I don't think I should be held to a lease when no one will help?
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