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What to charge

I have a 10 year lease that a tenant skipped on with no forwarding and no warning. It is almost a year old and they owe a couple of months on that. I need to collect rent on the house as I may not be able to rent it for a while. How many months can I claim. I know I cannot get 10 years but should I not be able to get a year or two.

How could you have a 10 year lease?  You will need to try your best to rent it out.
It was something that was agreed upon because I live in another state and the property is way underwater, she needed aplace and I need to keep the property taken care of. Being 70 she needed security in case something happened to me. I seen it as a win win. I am trying to rent it but she owes back rent. I am not trying to charge for the whole ten years but I figure it will take a couple of month to rent, took 4 last time. Higher end house and rent, hard to do in Florida right now.
solid on paper, with 3 indoor cats, what to charge for security on cat clean up after a 12 month lease? And how to draft it so there are no legal issues?
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