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Oregon Securty deposit Question

I have a home in Oregon. The renters have decided to tell me last june they will be buying a home. They still have a lease that is until april 2013 outstanding. It is now they are moving this weekend due to buying a home and dont care that they still have a least. In my lease the security deposit shows it's can be kept if the tentants did not fullfil there obligation of the lease agreement which they have not. Ialso see I can recover ith this for the re-rental ect. Is this the case? I have called lawyers and because it's a home that I own with one person they do not want to look at my contract. It looks like after all I can keep it for the non-fulfillment of the obligaions of the lease but how do I know? I looked up Oregon law and it's like mud to read. Can anyone help me.   Thanks,  

Did you at least try to re-rent out the unit after they told you they will be breaking their lease early?
Yes I have it listed for rent.
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