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non payment of rent first time filing

First I have to say that being a landlord was not my first choice, but the housing market and family deaths caused me to inherit some homes.  I have a tenant that started out good, but has done a 180 on me and is currently behind in rent.  She paid January rental but it bounced, I just got the information from the bank.  I called her and she apologized saying her mother was ill, she said she would correct that and send me a new check.  I waited a week went to her bank, she changed banks, went to the new bank and they could not cash the check.  I called her, sketchy return reliability, texted her, she finally called and said she was going to ask her brother for some money, Her mother passed away and she had been busy getting things done.  I am a softie, and said I understood and she still hasn't paid, she said she could come up with a partial payment then the rest after her next paycheck, but then april rent will be due and we will be in the cycle again.  I a m sending her a demand for possession nonpayment of rent because if I keep waiting the debt just piles up, late fees, NSF fees, she didn't pay utilities...the list goes on.  And she won't return calls now.  Is there anythng else I should do?  besides grow a backbone.......
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I would def send her a late notice, show documentation of the lateness... then proceed with eviction. Document everything. Renting is a biz not a charity, althought sometimes it can be.
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