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Alarm system false call addendum

We have a rental with an installed alarm system. This is the first time we have rented with the new alarm system in. Does anyone know of an addendum that will put the cost of repeated false alarms into the tennants pocket?  As the homeowner of record we will get the bill from the sheriff or Fire Department but we want to make sure the tennant pays for false alarms caused by them.  Obviously if it is a system malfunction no charges will be passed on to the tennant.

Great!.....Wait a minute....This is the form I first looked at before I asked the question. Now if you could just point me to where in this form it places the financial burden of repeated false calls on the tenant I would be grateful. Since this is a alarm system I already have installed (before the tenant moved in) the portions that talk about installation are moot for me.  I thought that someone (hopefully) had a form or had seen one that would be more useful than the installation permission form. Installation is a small part of the issue, false calls at $50.00 - $75.00 for the first 2 incidents and up to $300.00 each for multiple repeated false calls don't strike me as very profitable.
We have several properties that have alarm systems.  We have the tenant put the service in their name to remove us from responsibility.
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