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Tenant loses key  

A tenant's key was lost with the address when the tenant's bag was lost (or stolen).  The tenant asked me to change the locks.  Is it reasonable to take the cost out of the security deposit?

The tenant should pay for that. I would have them pay now, vs taking out of security.
Thanks for your reply, Karen.  Here is a little more background:  I asked the tenant to give me a copy of the key should the tenant change the lock.  I also offered to call a locksmith for the tenant and will arrange to be there when the lock is changed.  The tenant refused to pay, saying that it was my responsibility to pay as the apartment is now unsafe.  I just received a certified letter from a lawyer formally notifying me of an unsafe condition which needs addressing.  I plan to change the locks to address the "unsafe condition" issue, but feel that the tenant should pay as the unsafe condition arose from an event of the tenant (the loss of the tenant's bag).  As the tenant has refused to pay, I would like to take it out of the tenant's security deposit and inform the tenant of this.  Is this reasonable?  
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