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When you manage alone and go on vacation

My husband and I are considering getting licensed for property management and managing a few properties for our main income, but if the two of us are the only people working in the business, how will we handle maintenance if we go on vacation? I know there are PMs who work alone and just have a handful of properties, so it must not be an impossible task. Do you get friends to field your calls and contact companies if there's a work order emergency like a flooding water heater? What if you have no friends who are familiar with handling tenant issues?

If there was an issue, ie plumbing, flood, etc. Take the call... contact someone to fix it and check it out when you get back. It doesnt seem like that big of a deal to me unless you manage like 30 props.
I was planning on topping off at 100 properties, assuming that's not too many for two people to manage. I don't mind taking calls when I'm away, but my concern is really either an emergency when we're flying and have no cell service or are travelling out of the country and don't have cell phone service through our carrier. Would it be weird to give the tenants the vendors' information before trips?
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