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Late Fee Maximum in Montana

I have been using EZ Landlord Forms for 5 years I usually end up going to court at least once a year & representing myself & have never lost a case and always get a judgement.  However, I recently decided to use an attorney to represent me in a court action for damages.  While going through the contract the attorney said he thought that the 10% late fee was too high and maybe a problem but I have never had the judge question it in past cases.  The attorney suggested maybe a $20.00 late fee which I suggested back if that was the case, most tenants would come in late every month.  The attorney usually the late fee is tied to the prime rate + 3 1/2 percent can anybody honestly tell me what is a reasonable late fee in Montana as Charging a $20.00 fee would be a joke?  Thanks Mike
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I charge a late fee of 5% of the monthly rent.
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