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"free first month" after breaking lease

I have had many tenants take advantage of the "free first month," only to tell me that they are breaking their lease a month or two later.  Do I have the right to make them repay the "free" month beause they didn't complete the year lease?

Don't offer a free first month.  Make it a "free month" with a 12-year lease, then give them 1/12 off of each month's rent (hence a "free" month).
Good idea.  Maybe half off the first and last?  Or half off the last two months???  Thanks for your advice!
I think it's best to spread out the "free" month over 12 months.  Then if they leave, you will have lost as little as possible.  Or, what would be better is to not offer anything free at all.  If you're willing to give away hundreds of dollars for free, why not lower the monthly rent a little bit if that's the only way to get tenants?  I personally have NEVER given away a free month.
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