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all of our rights

My husband and I had decided that instead of renting our rental property we were gonna sale, and agreed to do rent to own with 3000 down and 350 a month. However they only had 1500 down and agreed in writing to accept the other 1500 at the following tax season. 1500 was paid at  beginning of June 2012 and 3 monthly payments were paid for the next 3 months, past due with no late fee paid as agreed upon in the contract, the tenant was arrested on non related charges and ordered to an inpatient drug rehabilitation center. When tenants father, whom was also listed on the lease, was contacted, he stated he did not have the money and he would pay manufactured home off when he received his tax refund. 10 months passes and her father tells me to meet him with the title in hand, which I do but he pays me 4,100 less than what is owed so he does not receive the title and he states his daughter will pay the rest. His daughter is released  from treatment and moves back in home in May 2013, no payment has been received as of today 9/21/13, and the tenant is currently incarcerated for the past two weeks and will be for the next year, when I went to my home the tenants boyfriend was living there and the residence was trashed, do I have to file a eviction notice for him and am I legally allowed to take back over my property and what steps do I need to take to have him removed as soon as possible!
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