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Applicant Wants In But Not Moving Feet

Kinda new at this.  Have an applicant I really like.  She is living with daughter now after a breakup.  Has a great job over 3 states, very busy. Had other applications and non worked out, but I really like her.  I have a Condo in a 55 & older complex and in I am perfect for her.  Fact is, we can't get together.  Either she is in anotehr state and won't get to my part till next week, or has the flu, or can't get the app to me because she is in Illinois at a wedding.  Is there some way I can nudge her?
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I would not nudge her, take this as a sign and move on to the next prospect.  From my experience this is a very tell tale sign of the type of tenant that they will be. Moving too quickly or too slowly usually says something about the person. Keep that in mind and do complete and very thorough background checks.
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