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Debt Collection

I have a judgment letter in my favor.  Can I send a letter to the old tenant's place of employment?  Can I send a letter to her new husband's place of employment?  Any info on debt collection would be helpful!  Thank you!  Danielle

You may need to have a constable send that or go directly through a collection agency.  You can also talk directly to your bank and see what advice they have. Usually they will work with you or recommend the best route to take or even a direct deposit set up.
I would report it to a credit agency.
I think you need to go to the Justice of the Peace or small claims court if it's under $10,000 and sue them. You need a judgement against them. Then once you get the judgement and file with the Courthouse, they charge interest and you can report Judgment to the credit agencies but the credit agencies will usually automatically see the judgement once it's filed, so best to sue them first and then the credit companies are able to find the judgement themselves, thus affecting their credit.
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