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Dog Urine

I rented my home on 5/5/14 to a family of three with two small dogs. I received $600.00 pet deposit and had them sign a pet agreement. Today 5/6/15,  I did a walk through and found the home to be clean but there was bad dog urine smell through out the entire home. Tenant did admit to me, there dogs have urine on the carpet. I was not happy with that because the carpet was replaced brand new in 2012 and tenants were very much aware the carpet was new when they moved to rental. Can I request for them to permanently remove pets and request for professional carpet cleaning on their expense? If the carpet is permanently damage, may I charge tenants to replace entire carpet? Entire home is 2,158 sq ft. Thanks!
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You may have trouble with them getting rid of their pets, however you can face them with eviction.   Also you can hold them responsible for any fees or expenses that you may have for the cleaning or replacing of the carpet.
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