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forfeited security deposit , tenants suing (Ohio)

I recently had tenants move out and I sent them a letter notifying them that they had forfeited their security deposit ($1100) due to damage of property that I felt was not normal wear and tear. They have replied back with a request of payment for $2500  or they will sue me in court. I know that Ohio law requires you to notify them or return deposit back within 30 days. If not you are liable for twice amount of the original deposit.But if I gave them notice within the required time period along with pictures and cost.I thought that only applied if I maliciously kept their deposit. What are the chances that an Ohio judge sides with them and I stuck paying a greater amount?Should I let this play out in court?
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If you sent them the proper photos, and deductions along with the proper notice you will be fine. You do want to make sure this is all repairs beyond the normal. Simple disregard for the unit usually causes issues that do fall beyond normal wear and tear.  Having a lawyer ready for court may be good though, cover yourself and you will not loose. Gather all evidence and paper trail of communication.
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