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Withholding security deposit

My last renters who just moved out completely trashed my property.  Carpet was not cleanable, had to be replaced.  Two windows were broken beyond repair so they were replaced.  The new carpet is being installed but my boyfriend replaced the windows, how do or can I list for labor.  Is there a standard that the landlord can charge as labor is they are the ones doing the work, i.e. installations, major cleaning? In addition, they house is split into two.  A basement studio and the then the two top floors are one separate unit.  The previous renter had the electric bill in their name, but it was cut off midway through June therefore the renters in the studio could not live there during the time prior to them moving out 7/31 so I lost partial rent for the basement studio.  Can I charge my previous renter for that loss. I can not find any clear cut information for a landlord and their protection against a hideous renter.  Everything I read seems to cover the tenant.
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Get quotes on everything from say homedepot and use that as a base for your deductions. You can only charge them for loss while they were there. But the other rental unit should have their own electric supply. You as the landlord must insure that this utility is available to them and that they do not have to rely on another tenant of another unit.
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