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Move-In Fee Issue

Hello,  I mistakenly undercharged my tenant the move-in fee and need to come up with a diplomatic & legal way of collecting the difference ($150). In order to keep things as smooth as possible, can I suggest deducting the $150 from the security deposit? Any other ideas?  Thanks in advance.

What is the move-in fee for. I am not sure that I have ever used one. I usually charge an application fee and then on move-in day / lease signing I require first month and security deposit. The application fee is only enough to cover the cost of a background check, at most $40. If this is an extra fee you may want to check with your local laws to see what you are/if you are allowed to charge such a fee. Now to move forward if you are charge this fee, just deduct it from the security but realize fee and deposits are different as security deposits are refundable.
My building charges a $350 move-in fee. I know, it's an exorbitant amount, but that's out of my control. I asked for $200 since that's how much I paid years ago (shame on me for not asking if it had increased). I need to collect this $150 difference and want to make sure I do it the right way. Sounds like letting them know and deducing it from the security deposit is the way to go?  Thank you.
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