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Quit Claim Deed - POA

Due to severe medical issues, my spouse signed a POA for me to handle all medical and financial affairs.  Question is: Our home is in a living trust.  His name is on the actual deed as Sole and Separate Property.  We are in California.  Does the POA cover me for handling refi's etc or should I have him sign and notarize a Quit Claim Deed to me.  Should I add my name to the DEED or ?  In order to refi we had to do this back in 2009 removed it from the trust, and then place it back into the trust .. I am confused as to which way to go .
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Being the POA does give you the control over the issue and if you are in the will for the property you will automatically claim the deed if you are not already on it. If you want to be proactive putting yourself on the deed now is a good measure to take. If you speak with your refi authority or lender they will be able to walk you through the proper steps to take.
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