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Noise issues

I have a rental with two units--upstairs and downstairs apartments.  The downstairs tenants have been complaining about excessive noise coming from the upstairs tenants, particularly after 9pm.  The upstairs tenants have insisted that they are not making noise ( I question this).  They seem to be quiet as a mouse all day until after 9.  They are night owls and don't feel they should change their schedule to accommodate the downstairs folks.  I've sent the upstairs a tenant an email just recently and they said that they would prefer that I stay out of it.  I don't want to lose the downstairs tenants--the husband gets up at 1 am to go to work and really needs his sleep.  Should I get involved in this or just let them figure it out? Thanks, Sharon
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If it is a noise violation that happens after 10 pm or 11pm when ever is the regulated neighborhood noise ordinance tell the downstairs neighbors to contact the police. If they do you may need to evict the tenant and send them noise violations as each tenant needs to be mindful and respectful of neighbors and it should state in your lease that they cannot disturb the PEACEFUL enjoyment of other tenants.
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