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We recently had a lot of rain in Nebraska.  My tenant sent be pictures of a retaining wall that collapsed due to the rain.  She said her husband was taking the day off work to fix the wall before it got worse and wanted to know if my husband could come help because her husband didn't think he should have to fix it by himself.  I told her that my husband wasn't able to help him today because he left to work in a city an hour and a half away for the day.  She then asked if I could comp her husband some of the hours he will be missing at work.  I am not sure that it is even our responsibility to help fix the wall.  It specifically states in the lease "The tenant is responsible for all repairs needed in or about the leased premises".  It then has points that state keeping the premises clean and sanitary, abiding by recycling rules, properly using all electrical fixtures, not being allowed to paint or alter the premises, being responsible for snow and ice removal and maintaining lawn and landscaping.    I guess I am not really sure if we are responsible for fixing the retaining wall or if they are.  I would assume that concrete would need to be purchased to secure the cement blocks, otherwise the wall will fall again.  Is this something that we have to pay for or are they responsible for it?
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