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Children with Disabilities

I recently rented to a mother of 2 children who are autistic (age 13).  The unit is a townhouse.  The children often walk into the unit next door without knocking, because they think it is theirs.  In addition, they bang on the walls.  Understanding they have a disability how would you go about addressing this with the mother?  I do not want to risk losing my tenant on the other side or have future issues.  Thanks!

Are the children leaving their unit and then entering the neighboring unit?  If so, perhaps the mother can put a hanging alarm or other alert device on her front door so she is aware when they try to leave the  townhouse.    If you are open to allowing the tenant to have professionally hung tapestries on the shared walls, that may deaden some of the noise.  It might also change their minds about banging on those walls because many children with autism are sensitive to textures and avoid some, while seeking others.  I am not familiar with the PA equivalent of the Regional Centers but if you can contact them or local Disability Empowerment center, you may be able to get additional ideas on workable solutions.  A solution to the door confusion might be to place a bright shape (if allowed in the community rules) on their door so they can identify it more easily.
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