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I have a problem with people making appointments to see the apartment and not showing up. This is a real problem! I would say only 10% of the people who make appointments show up. Does anyone else experienced this?  How do you handle this?

Offer an open house, one thing you can do is schedule showings during an open house so that you can really focus on people that are interested and call ahead but you are not blocking out the people who are passing by and possibly interested. Other than that there is really nothing you can do to make them come but think of enticing things, hit your market.
I've had this problem a lot.  I try to screen people pretty well.  Ask them questions about what they're looking for.  What date are they looking to move.  Is this in their price range.  I've weeded out unnecessary showing this way.  I'm sure some of them would have been no-shows after considering the price and move in availability before hand.   I also confirm showings the day of, or the day before depending on the time of the showing.  I let people know in advance that I get a lot of no-shows and I need confirmation in advance.  I still end up with a significant number of no-shows, but I do everything I can because I have 3 small kids and it's a ton of work to get childcare for each showing.
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