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selling a rental property

We have decided to put a property up for sale at the end of the current lease, which is March 30, 2016. I understand that we need to give tenants at least 60 days notice before lease end. Should we go ahead and notify tenants now (pros & cons)?

I believe if the lease is over a year you give 60 days notice. If the lease is under a year term than you can give 30 days notice. If I have a good relationship with the tenants I would give them more notice but sometimes that will result in tenants leaving and you not getting paid rent till you sell. It is up to you whether you give more or what is needed. I would base it on the relationship.
In the state of MD, can the landlord decide to sell the property with a current lease or give the property back to the mortgage company.  What is the timeline of notification to the tenant?
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