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Lease Renewal Form Question

Hey guys, I'm looking for legal advise concerning the use of Lease Renewal form in place of redoing a new lease as a prosepct to protect my rental, the tenants, and myself.   Currently, I have a one-year lease that expired in August of 2014.  My tenants notified me that they would stay beyond that date and asked if I was going to redo the lease and sign it.  I have not addressed the issue and came back to do redo the lease but noticed that I can do this using a Lease Renewal Agreement to bypass creating a whole new lease.  My rental property is in Texas.  Any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated  Steven

A lease renewal allows you to change areas of the old lease and/or keep the previous lease without having to create a lease all over again. It is a great tool when tenants want to stay. Saves me so much time!!!
Does anyone know why their  is no way to increase the rent through a lease renewal form
You shouldn't have to re write the entire lease agreement.  Attachments are just as legal as the original as long as the originals are kept.  There are various forms you can use the most common would be a standard extension.  You even have the option of customizing a form from scratch as long  as all the concerns are in that additional form.  If i am correct there is one included in the form area of the website labeled addendum with a free form section to make your changes.
how can i get you the information on this rental application?   i want you to run this person for me.
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