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landlady entered my home with out write notice

My landlord came into my home without permission or notice to enter.  She also brought 3 other people inside with her. I came home and found the 4 of them inside my home cleaning it up and throwing out my personal effects and belongings. I was very upset.  I advised the helpers not to toss out anymore of my belongings but they continued to do so.when they left I bought locks and changed my locks.  The next day I come home and my landlord along with a lock Smith and 2 of the 3 people from the day before was in front of my home picking my locks on my front door as well as posted a notice of belief of abandonment in which there is no intent nor display on my part of any abandonment . All utilities was and still is on at my house in my husband's name. What action can I take in this matter? Thank you

I am so sorry that happened. The landlord i believe is at least is required to give 24 hour notice. I believe you should contact a lawyer and really do your research (look in your lease agreement thoroughly) and collect evidence. You deserve privacy and that is crossing the line!! Good luck.
Wow!!! It's unbelievable what landlords think they can do with no regards to the tenants rights. According to    Civil Code 1954:  The landlord may enter your unit without your permission ONLY:   (1) in an emergency, like a fire or broken pipe, or   (2) upon reasonable advance notice, and then ONLY:           (A)  to inspect, repair, or show the apartment,            (B)  during normal business hours [presumably Mon.-Fri. 8AM-6PM]           (C)  24 hours is presumed to be sufficient notice           (D)  You do not have to be home when they come, but the landlord is liable for anything stolen or broken.           (D)  The notice must identify a date and reasonable time range [like an hour] within which the entry will occur           (E)  The notice MUST be written [not oral or e-mail], except if a WRITTEN notice that realtors will be showing the property is given, for the next 120 days only an oral telephonic 24 hour notice is required [business hour limit still applies] Information obtained from   Good luck!! Posted by C. W. of MD on May 2, 2016           (G) The right of entry can't be "abused", so that an open house, lock box, extended repair, daily entry, or excessive range of entry time are probably all "abuses" which you have the legal right to prevent.
Call the police and make a police report.
Thank you all for your response in this matter. I did call the police but not to much was done aside from them making her give me a key to the new lock's she just put on
Are you behind on your rent by any chance?  And if so how far ?
At this time I was in the process of moving out. The landlady had said she was saleing the triplex and moving and that she did not know what her tenants was going to do. so when I had found out about it I told her we would be moving out not waiting around for last min gotta move with young kids. well I had not yet moved out but had not paid rent either. although power was still on bills still going to this address as well as I was going there every day and most of my personal belongings found my children's  k, 1. 3, pictures in some of my belongings she tossed in trash this should not make it ok for her to enter my dwelling and tossing out my stuff cuz she wants to hurry and rent the unit to the people she hired to clean and empty my place out to trash  I have lived there for 11 years. had a  chain on my door already due to her letting other of my family members in my home while my husband and I would be sleeping. does really being behind in rent play a part in her being able to enter my home on her own and bring others in with her? thank you please help
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