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Allowing Service or Companion Animals

Hello. I live in a 3 bedroom house and rent out two bedrooms. One of the renters has informed me that the other renter who moved in last month is thinking about getting a service or companion dog. My rental agreements are all month to month and clearly state no pets. I currently have a small dog that I'm trying to rehome and do not want to have to deal with another dog in my home. I am not aware of any disability with the newest renter. If the new renter pursues this, what are my rights?   Please advise.   Thank you. :)
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Official service animals are not considered pets. Be sure that they animal has a certificate and is registered as a service animal. There are online applications now days but that does not constitute them as a service animal. If they are not officially trained and registered they are a pet and should not be allowed. You also cannot charge a pet fee directly for a service animal you may add it to the security deposit however.
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