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Tenant Destroying Property within Six months of the lease

I recently allowed a family of four to rent out my two bedroom unit.  At first I was very skeptical about their rental history so I required them 1st/last month rent, plus security, along with a co-signer.  They provided all this.  Now here's the issues I'm having.  I put them on a 6 months lease just to give them a chance to show they can be responsible paying their rent on time.  That they have done, however, the problem I have with them is are not very clean tenants.   Prior to extending their lease, I provide them 24 hour notices that I need to stop over to review the apartment.  I was in a big shock.  The carpet is extremely dirty in the living.  The stainless steel refrigerator, which was new, is have rusty spots on it, the stainless stove is filled cooking grease, there are holes in the both bedrooms and living room. plus torn out screen windows on living room window and front door.  My problem is I spoke to tenant to confirm whether they would like to extend their lease the remaining 6 months without first noticing all the damages.  The new extend term starts on Oct 1st 2016.  How can I get out of renewing the lease for 6 months?  I just want a month to month lease which will allowing me to provide them after 10/5, 30 days to move.     Or the the option would be to give them 30 days to fix all the repairs and then renew the lease for 5 months.  What would be the best options.  Thanks, L. BV

I would give them the 30 days to fix all repairs, if this is not done in the 30 days give them notice to vacate. That is awful!! In only six months this damage has happened? good luck!
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