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Tenant installed 3 video cameras, is legal? No theft ever here.

I have asked two attorneys and received conflicting opinions.  Private property, California, two small cottages in backyard.  Tenant installed 3 security cameras by drilling a whole through the house for the cable, (which  is not legal as TV dishes are installed a different way now?). Did not ask my permission.  The cameras show the entire backyard so when I walk back to do laundry or garden I am being stalked and recorded.  (No crime within last 5 years on my street. Very safe here, no one has entered my backyard who didn't belong here.  He just wants a new toy to play with.  I don't think it's fair to the other tenant to be monitored when he comes and goes.  I feel violated and want the cameras out.  He has violated the lease by  making "alterations and an addition to the property" which he cannot do according to the lease.  Can I do a 3 day performance quit and serve him or will he legally laugh in my face and tell me no.  Attorneys  please Help!

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If there was a clause in your lease that states the tenant needs permission to make any alterations to the property then I would serve a perform or quit notice.
Lease states guest can stay no more than 3 consecutive nights. Tenant has guest more than 3 in a week but skips a night then the guest stays 2-3 nights; skips a night etc... do all the nights count or does the coont start over if they are not consecutive?
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