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Do I need to hire a lawyer?? help

This is an unusual situation- please any suggestion on how to handle this will be much appreciated.      We bought some property that has a house on it with a renter living in it.  The renter has been in this house for about 50 years he does not have a written lease agreement - just verbal with the old owners- he paid $100.00 each month via cash; however from July 2019 to today no one has collected any rent from him due to the previous owners were working on selling the property.  Anyway, we plan to issue a change of ownership letter to the tenant and would like him to vacate the property by the end of the year.  I doubt he will leave the property willingly. But we need him out primarily because the house looks like it is about to fall down so it  needs to be evaluated, brought up to code or we might just tear is down. Best Regards
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I rented my apartment for a year and the tenant just notice that the lease said the landlord will pay for the water, but she said she wants to be reimbursed for paying the water herself  what I'm I reliable to pay the tenant back for 2 years renting the apartment and just notice that part in the lease it was an oversight from my part  and she noticed at the end of the least and wants to be reimbursed I'm I supposed to reimburse the tenant
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