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Verbally abusive tenant Utah

Just venting,  2 days ago, I gave the tenant their 30 day notice and let them know I would not be renewing their month to month contract. They received it and everything seemed amicable, and I was considering extending their move out date if they needed it.  Today this tenant cursed up a storm, and screamed and yelled at not just me, but there other tenants as well. I called the police but they would not take a report, because no crime had not been committed. They also threatened to sue me, but didn't state why, I told them to just have their attorney call me. Honestly I'm confused about it all.  Should I find legal representation immediately, or wait until I hear from their attorney? (My gut tells me they don't actually have one)  Thank you for letting me vent, this is truly stressful.
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Just wait it out. You can always retain an attorney on short notice. Notify the other tenants that if the individual continues to harass them to call the police.
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