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Does the EzSign work like Docusign where the spaces are highlighted and the tenant can sign from their phones?

Ezsign isn't working for my new tenant. The first lease I emailed never showed up in her inbox. I re-emailed it to the same address and it went through, but it appears to be showing up like a pdf; instead of an ezSign form. Not sure what I'm to do now, we're both located in 2 different states. Is there a trick to get the ezsign to work, that my tenant is overlooking?
Ez sign isn't showing as an option when I email the docs to my new tenant. Please help!
Click HOME at the top left of the page.  Click EDIT THIS LEASE to the right of your lease. Then click SAVE AND VIEW on the Right. A pop up will appear - click ezSign  Clicking on ezSign will have you verify the tenant's emails and check in the box that you have reviewed your lease. Then you will click on ezSIGN again.  Wait for the loading page to fully load, then sign the lease. Once you sign the lease, the lease will generate and be sent to the Tenant for signature. Once the first tenant signs the lease, the ezSign email will be sent to the next tenant. Once the last tenant signs, the signed lease will be sent to you and your tenants.
Curtis Charles Lewis. Lila Nell Lewis
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