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Proof Of Income for mortgage or rent

Which documents are required for Proof Of Income for mortgage or rent?

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The documents required for proof of income for a mortgage or rent can vary depending on the lender or landlord. However, some common documents that may be requested include:

1. Pay stubs: These are documents provided by your employer that show your earnings for a particular pay period.

2. Bank statements: These show your deposits and withdrawals from your bank account over a specified period.

3. Tax returns: These show your income, deductions, and tax liability for the previous year.

4. Letter from employer: This is a letter from your employer that confirms your employment status, your job title, and your income.

5. Profit and Loss statement: If you are self-employed, you may be asked to provide a Profit and Loss statement, which shows your business revenue and expenses.

6. Rental income statement: If you have rental properties, you may be asked to provide a statement that shows your rental income.

7. Social Security or disability income statements: If you receive income from Social Security or disability, you may be asked to provide documentation that shows your income.

It's important to check with your lender or landlord to determine which specific documents are required for your application.

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