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Eviction of One Tenant not Both

Primary tenant wanted her sister to move in with her for a mutually beneficial arrangement last summer. We added her sister to the lease which she signed last August. Now the sisters are having problems living together and the Primary tenant wants her sister out. They both have talked about her moving out. We also talked to her about moving and she agreed to doing so in 30 days as she has already been earnestly looking for a place. We sent a letter confirming the 30 day agreement. A couple weeks ago she asked for copy of lease bc her lawyer wanted to look it over. We asked was she not moving out. She said yes as soon as she finds a place or by the 10th of May. We don't understand why she needs a lawyer. She now questions the "grounds" of moving out on May 10. We reiterated that was the original plan when we talked - move out in 30 days that she agreed to. I told her the "grounds" are the problems between her and the Primary tenant. We sent her another copy of lease as she requested bc she had lost her copy. Now she won't answer texts. Primary tenant has not seen any packing. Any suggestions for what my options are going forward are welcomed.

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Hi there, my tenant is under a month to month agreement in the State of Oregon since June 2021. He gave 30-day notice to me on 7/14/2023 as the tenant of the house for the occupants of the house using the Increase in Rent notice. Since the tenant gave notice, this falls under all people in the house move correct? I'm consulting with an eviction service as a backup in case an occupant decides to squat and need to know what is best as the owner and landlord of the house. The Eviction service says I need to consult a landlord/tenant attorney before taking on the job.

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