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I am a residential landlord to 3 renters in my single family home. We have never had any mold issues with any renter until now. Renter signed an agreement stating that if nothing is submitted in writing within 5 days of occupancy, then Renter accepts that Premises are clean and in good working order. Renter also agrees to submit in writing any issue immediately that arises so landlord can enter and fix any problems. So, Renter tells me she has mold in her closet, tells me 8 days ago, and states "possibly been there for months". No submission in writing of any issue, until 8 days ago, and since then, Renter has refused to set a time to allow me in for a 10 minute look to figure out what measures are necessary to eliminate the issue. However, Renter insists I pay for damages I have not yet inspected, and has not paid rent for the month.. Renter insists that since a 10 minute look is needed, I should pay for her to relocate during the inconvenience. Renter is not a clean person, and since her 6 month occupancy, have only seen her wash clothes about 4 or 5 times, wears the same clothes everyday and I believe her lack of proper hygiene/ overpacking the room has introduced this mold. Advice?
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OH no, this person sounds like the renter from hell.  They probably don't want to pay and will submit something to the Department of Health.  In court our lease stands. But, if reported to the Dept. of Health even if they caused the issue, you are accountable.  YOU have to see the closet and inspect the unit.  Whatever your lease says, follow it.  I believe if you give her a 24-hour notice of when you are coming in, you can do it legally.  I had a tenant complain that her dryer was not working.  The appliance company called her and would schedule. She would always cancel and reschedule and cancel.  Once they were on site and she would not answer the door.   She contacted the Dept. of Health stating repairs that she never submitted such as the dishwasher didn't work. It worked; she was putting liquid soap in the soap dispenser.  A window that was not cracked when she moved in was broken.  She called the police claiming someone broke in and cracked the window from the inside.  I had to fix the window per the Dept. of Health.  I set a time and advised her I was coming because she would say she was sick or had to work.  Eventually, I set a date and time and advised her myself and maintenance were coming.   I did find a legit reason and the tenant was evicted.  she left the apartment in shambles when she had to vacate. 

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