Yes, when you purchase a Pro Account, it’s connected to a specific unit. However, once you have a Pro Account, you can add additional units for a nominal fee.

You can use our pricing estimator located on the MANAGE PLAN page to figure out exactly how much it will cost for your number of units. Once you’ve signed up, you can create unlimited forms for all Rental Units associated with your account.

Units for the 30-day account and monthly account are about $3.50 per additional unit. 

Units for the Yearly account cost about $7.50 per additional unit. 

Units for the Lifetime account cost $20 per additional unit. 

Please Note: The more units that are added the more of a discount you get on your unit additions. 

Free account holders have no charges and do not add a credit card on file. They do not have access to Pro Member benefits such as the full State-Specific Lease and ezSign.