Click HOME at the top left of the page.
Click EDIT & EZSIGN to the right of your lease.
Then click SAVE AND VIEW on the Right. A pop-up will appear - click ezSign

Clicking on ezSign will have you verify the tenant's emails and check in the box that you have reviewed your lease. Then you will click on ezSign again.
Wait for the loading page to fully load, then sign the lease.

Once you sign the lease, the lease will generate and sent to the Tenant for signature. Once the first tenant signs the lease, the ezSign email will be sent to the next tenant. Once the last tenant signs, the signed lease will be sent to you and your tenants. 

Common EzSIgn Questions:

Only one tenant received the email to ezSign. Why didn’t the others get it?
The ezSign request gets sent to one tenant at a time. Once the first tenant signs, the ezSign request is sent to the next tenant. When the last tenant signs, the signed lease is sent to the landlord and all tenants. No one receives the signed lease until the last tenant signs. :) 

Can I change the order of who signs the lease?
The landlord will always sign first but you can change the order of the tenants who sign. The ezSign request will be sent to the tenants in the order the tenants are listed on the lease. So if you want a specific tenant to go first in the ezSIgn process, you will want to make sure that the Tenant is listed first in the lease agreement in step 1 of the lease builder. 

I’m creating a lease for a landlord. Can I send it to them to start ezSigning?

The ezSign process will have the landlord sign first. In order to have the landlord sign, you will want to have them log into the ezlandlordforms account with the lease you created. They will want to click on EDIT THIS LEASE and click on SAVE AND VIEW and choose EZSIGN

Can I ezSign my other forms?
If this is a document attached to your lease, you will want to include it in step 7 and it will be signed in the ezSign process. We do not have the option to sign the non-lease documents at this time, but this is something we hope to be adding in the future. For these documents, you can use the Adobe Fill & Sign option on your computer.