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Rental Application and/or Tenant Screening

Only $29.95 for your essential Credit & Criminal Screening
It takes less than 5 minutes to run a Tenant credit, and background check.
Best of all, you can choose who pays.

Tenant Search

Similar to a Credit Score,
But a Better Credit Check for Renting.

Some Landlords rely on a credit score when evaluating Tenants. The ResidentScore is similar to a credit score, but it's specifically designed to help Landlords screen Applicants.

It's a customized report on an Applicant's reliability with the singular goal of helping Landlords identify Applicants that present a risk of eviction or a poor rental outcome.

Sure, seeing an Applicant's credit score is good, but seeing a ResidentScore is great. This is just one more way we make it EZ for Landlords to select qualified Tenants.

Did you know that you can opt to have Applicants pay for the screening? That means a complete renter screening that's free for you!

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