EzSign is a great feature included with the ezLandlordForms Pro Lease Package. It allows the pro lease package to be signed by the landlord and up to 6 tenants. 

Tips for ezSign: 

Tip 1: EzSign will have the landlord sign first. Once the landlord signs, it is sent to each tenant, one tenant at a time.

Tip 2: EzSign gets sent to one tenant at a time. Once the first tenant signs and hits the "I AGREE" button it will be sent to the next tenant. No one receives the signed lease until the last tenant signs.

Tip 3: The signed lease gets sent to all tenants and the landlord's email. It is also saved with signatures on the landlord's homepage. 

Tip 4: Cosigners will not have access to ezSign. Our ezSign will allow one landlord and up to 6 tenants to sign the lease package.