New with ezLandlordForms is our Freshdesk chat and email service! Now it's so much easier to contact us using all the various channels and having all your tickets saved in one spot for your records. It's so EZ, which is exactly how we like it!

How do I chat with the support team?

If you need to chat, all you need to do is click on the LIVE HELP button at the top right corner of the website.

The chat box will appear at the bottom right corner, click on CHAT WITH US and you can start typing your question to our live support team!

How do I email the support team? 

Hover your mouse over HELP and click on CONTACT US.

You will be taken to our support center where you can send your email to the support team! You can chat from this portal, review the FAQ questions (solutions), ask questions in the forum (forums) and check your ticket status also!

What is checking ticket status? 

Your ticket status is all of the contact history made from your account. If you sent an email and you are waiting for a response, you can see the status of your email. Need a copy of a chat you had with one of the support members? You can find it in your history!

How do I check my ticket status? 

Click on CHECK TICKET STATUS or click on TICKETS on the menu bar.

You will be taken to your tickets section where you will be taken to the default view of "Open or Pending" Tickets. If you want to see the history in your account, click on OPEN OR PENDING and change it to ALL TICKETS. You will get a view of all the contact history made in your account, whether it was an email or chat, it will be saved in your account.  

How do I see all the FAQ questions? 

Click on SOLUTIONS to review all of the faq questions. You can also type in a search to find your question too! 

If you need help finding anything or have questions, our support team is always happy to help!