This happens when you are using a different pdf viewer instead of Adobe. Please open the Adobe reader and click on FILE and OPEN. Then choose the file from your downloads. It will open in the adobe reader.


Please make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe. And if you are using a MAC, follow the directions below:

  • Here are the play-by-play detailed instructions for how to print using a MAC computer:
  • Switch to the Finder, (click the smiley icon in the Dock).
  • Locate any file whose name ends with .pdf.
  • Select the file (click ONCE on it to highlight it).
  • In the File menu, select 'Get Info' (you can also use the keyboard shortcut Command-I) 
  • Reveal the 'Open with:' section of the window. (The Info window is divided into several sections which can be revealed or hidden using the triangle widget on the left-hand side of the window. Use the triangle to make sure the 'Open with:' section is shown.) 
  • Change the 'Open with:' pop-up menu from Preview to Acrobat Reader XI. Click the 'Change All...' button, and click the 'Continue' button when you are prompted to confirm the change.