New Members Dashboard Update! 

Your homepage has a great new update! With this update, you have a mobile-friendly, clean, and sleek view of all your documents. Along with this update, you will be able to access more information on actions performed with your documents. 


When sending your Leases for ezSign, you will have a new view of which tenant the ezSign has been sent to and when they complete their signature, you will see a checkmark appear to the left of their name.

When ezSign is complete, you will see when it was completed and you will also see it in your notification bar.


We also have added a new straightforward way of emailing your documents. You can choose the saved email addresses from your account, or type in the email and add it to the selected recipients. 

When your email is sent, you can hover over the time it was sent, and you will get all the details of the document being sent and if it was read or not. 

Build Required

Have you ever started a lease but forgot to save it? No worries, we got you covered! Your lease will be saved on your dashboard and you will only need to click on BUILD NOW to view your lease. Everything will remain saved!! 

When you build your lease, it will load and just like that, you can download the lease! 


If you have more than one page of documents, you can choose how you would like them sorted on your homepage by choosing the sorting drop-down at the top right corner! 

We have future plans for great updates! We hope you enjoy it! If you have feedback or suggestions that you would like to share with our team, please reach out to our support team! We love hearing your feedback and we always listen to our customers! 

Thank you so much for being a valued member of ezLandlordForms!