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Cancelling e-sign request

Hi, I listed a home on Zillow, and accepted a potential tenant's application. I created a lease on here and sent an e-sign request? If I cancel the e-sign request, does it prevent the tenants from signing altogether? As in, can I revoke it?

The reason I'm asking is because these tenants have taken multiple days to review the lease, and I'm guessing it's because they might be weighing other options. I have some even more qualified apply on Zillow and they're ready to sign the lease immediately, so I'd rather cancel the e-sign request with the other folks if I can. 

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Canceling the ezSign request will prevent the tenants from signing the lease. You may want to reach out to the tenants and let them know that you have decided to go with other applicants, if you plan to do so. You can explain that you will not be proceeding with the lease agreement and ask them to confirm that they received the notification of cancellation. 

If they still want to rent the property, you can make arrangements to sign the lease in person or give them a time frame in which they would have to ezSign the lease.

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