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Addendum to Lease regarding utilities

Hi, I am in Tennessee.  There was a mistake made on the lease indicating landlord will be responsible for the water.  However, prior to signing, we advised the tenant that he is responsible for all utilities, specifically, electricity, gas and water and requested proof of that these utilities have been transferred.  This proof has never been sent. When the gas was not transferred into the tenants name and asked about it, the tenant then went to the lease and indicated that according to the lease, the landlord is responsible for the water.

We explained to the tenant verbally, that was a mistake. And reminded him of our verbal conversation regarding utilities, specifically, he is responsible for all utilities and he agreed that he remembered that conversation.  We provided an addendum to the tenant correcting the utility portion to include that the tenant is responsible for water in addition to electricity and gas.  The tenant is now refusing to sign the addendum and is seeking an attorney.  Can the tenant refuse to sign this addendum? And if so, what can we do about it. 

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