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Can a landlord ask to see identification such as a drivers license, SSN, or passport? May we ask for a copy of these IDs to be kept on file, or are there restrictions?

if you cant get ID , PASS theyre hiding something
Absolutely.  In fact, as a landlord, you NEED to be asking for this type of information, and then performing a background check on clients.  Assuming you can get it, the Social Security Number is your best piece of insurance against problems down the line.  You can easily run a background checking using someone's SSN and get a ton of information back.... all registered names, current and past addresses, marital status, employment history... you name it.  The site I use is:  I've also used as well.  Both seem to work fine.    For some reason if you can't get an SSN, at the very least run a phone number check.  It doesn't return as much info, but it's better than nothing.  A site I've used in the past that worked for me was  I recommend getting a subscription if you plan on running more than one SSN ... it's pretty cheap I believe.  I *think* it's roughly around $20.
Yes landlords can request proof of identity, and SSNs for pulling tenant credit reports and other background checks.
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