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Too many dependants

How many dependents is too many?  I have a prospective tenant who has 6 kids (4 of whom live with her).  Would it be unwise to select this prospect if all other items check out on her background check?  Would there be a a distinct disadvantage in leasing to her even though she's fully subsidized (meaning I know I will get my money)?  

Many states have ordinances that limit the occupancy for residential dwellings. Many MORE townships/cities have limitations on such occupancies. Generally you can contact your local zoning/fire marshal's office and they can tell you that information. One of my concerns with multiple occupants is that it places more wear and tear on a property. If you are paying for water/sewer, your costs will be higher. These things should be taken into consideration when renting to a larger group. I would highly suggest a current home visit. This is a great way to assess if your prospects take care of their current living situation.
Something you didn't mention is the size of the unit that you are considering renting to this woman.    I use a rule of no more than 2 per bedroom.  Infants don't count till about 1 year and kids no more than 2 same sex per bredroom.  In your situation I would probably be thinking 3 or 4 bderooms.   You said that she is fully subsidized.  Any time you are dealing with government agencies there can be other restrictions.  (In a building with 3 units, I have 1 unit that won't meet requirments and it would be too expensive to make it meet those requirements.)  BTW my wife and I raised 10 kids  
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