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Income verification & unemployment income

I have a couple who owns his own small business & the other half is earning unemployment.  I believe the credit score isn't that great... How can I determin if this tenant will pay bills on-time?  Unemployment will run out so that income will be no longer there.  His own business has been only established for a year so not so sure how his business is doing. When I run tenant screening, what credit score is acceptable? Above 700?
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You can request a copy of his tax return, although you'll have to read it carefully to get a sense of his true income (he probably wrote off a lot of expenses, so his real income is probably higher). As for credit scores, it depends on the area; I have some rental units in the hood that I'm lucky to see over 620 scores for my rental applications. Other areas, I'd want to see over 680 at least.
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