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renting to tenants w/ large dog

I'm a first-time landlord trying to rent a 3bd/1ba house we recently renovated in a Chicago suburb. What are other's experiences renting to tenants with a dog (mom, dad, 19-yr old daughter & 70 lb lab in this case)?  I live out of state and my realtor is showing the house, so I cannot physically meet the dog or family.  Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

I have a house in town that has kennels in the back yard.  My tenant, whom I've known since he was a baby, has several bull dogs that he keeps OUTSIDE in the kennels.  He has never been a problem.  I am currently evicting a friend from a mobile home on our ranch.  It also has a large kennel in the backyard.  She was told I prefer no dogs but if she brought one, it must stay OUTSIDE in the kennel.  From day 1, I have caught the dog in the house.  Previously, we rented an executive home, for 5 years, to a couple who raised Rottweilers.  Other than fleas, there was no damage to the home or property and the dogs were indoor/outdoor.  We then rented the same home to a guy with 2 Boston Terriers.  They dug holes in the yard, tore up the fence and chewed the doorframes inside the house.  Personally, if I had just renovated a house, there is NO WAY I would allow dogs of any kind.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  Personally, if I just spent the money renovating a house
"Personally, if I just spent the money renovating a house "  Sorry about that, I'm not sure how that happened.
I would collect a non-refundable pet fee. It's worked for me in the past. I clearly stated non refundable pet fee. $500 for large dogs over 60lb. $250 for small dogs
It all depends on the dog-and if it has been spayed/neutered , m/f  and age, plus training. I personally have had more problems with cats and spraying on the carpets. My house is sitting on a cement slab and after replacing and exterminating, two years later I can still smell them on a damp, muggy day. Do your homework and meet the dog. Good luck!  
If you are renting a home and you don't allow pets you will miss out of a lot of potential tenants.  Poeple like renting homes not apartments for many reasons, and freedom with pets is one of them. I allow any dog, inside or out and I don't make their deposit non-refundable. The house must be in the same condition on move out as move in. If the carpet even has one stain or smell they pay for it. If the yard is tore up, they pay for it. Don't wait for them to move out. Inspect the home in 3 months and any damage make them fix it NOW, don't wait.   There are large dog lovers that keep the home beautiful and people that own hamsters and trash the home. It's not about the Pet it's about the tenat. Good tenants with large dogs I will take all day long. Bad tenants with or without pets I don't want ever.  Although I do require an additional refundable deposit anywhere from $250-$500.
I am have my house up for rent for the 1st time.   I am alowing pets with a pet fee.  I an not limiting the size of the dog but the number of dogs to two.   I lived in the said house with my Doberman and Carin Terrier, and yes they did some minor easy to fix damage to the house when I lived there. (scratched doors) my mother then lived in the house with her one little dog and he did much more damage to the house than my dog.  (Not house trained and fleas)  But it was not hard to fix. ( my husband and my self do all repaires ourself)   Now that I am going to be a landlord I decided that I will allow pets, as this is my only rental house.  I am getting a pet fee which part of is refundable.  I feel if people know they can get some money back they will take care of the little things thier pets do but if they have no chance of getting any hing back they do not care as much. Of the over twenty people that inquired about the house only one has not had a pet!   I am also puting in my lease that I may inspect every four months for damage.   
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