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Rental Application Form

In reviewing the rental application form..I noticed this form requires the prospective tenant to provide financial information. It requires credit card company name, car loan and lien holder, child support order, and bank account number(s)   Isnt this a bit too personal? I understand a landlord needs to make sure the prospective tenant can afford the rent ...However...I can see how an applicant can be put-off by such questioning. "These people want to know all my business' sort of issue. How can I put the applicant at ease? Any input is appreciated ...Thanks

You can ask what ever you want as long as it doesn't go against fair housing regulations. Also, reassure the applicant that it is for your safety of renting your property.
On the Rental Application form there is the field for "Applicant Signature".  If you hover over it, a popup will tell you to click to sign the form.  It will apply certificate info to the signed form when you save it.  No Name, just the trusted certificate and I can't see how this can be used as a digital signature because the certificate does not belong to the individual that is signing the form.  Or do I have this total wrong?
True, it does sound rather noisy, but its on applications for renters for a good reason. Landlords need to know these things to insure that their renter can pay rent as well as verify that they are the person they claim to be.  If your still unease I would visit and look into tenant fraud and tenant issues.   As to how to put them at ease. Well tell them to reason's behind the requests and specify that they will only be used for these purposes. Nothing more you can do.
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