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Tenant Credit Check

Anyone know of a service that I can get an tenant screening (2-3 individuals) with credit check?  Similar to this  I found Saferent to be confusing in the difference between products and understand that you cannot get the restricted credit report  (ScorePlus) advertised from ezlandlord unless you are a subscription customer - I only need to check 2 - 3 individuals (one property) so I don't need a subscription.  

You should look at   It includes Eviction information, which I have found isn't always included in similar products
I use Experian, when screen prospective tenants. The service is very convent. They do instant credit and criminal reports 24/7.  Besides, some rental application platform, like this one, use the service for tenants verification. So, you post property with such platform and then get credit reports and background checks of tenants along with their applications.
Yes, as Gregory said, I use TransUnion/SmartMove.  It includes credit check, criminal background check, and eviction history.  You can pay directly $35 per applicant or have the tenant pay it.  All you need is to add your property and lease terms and 'start an application' providing the prospective tenant's email for each applicant (age 18 or over).  It will give you a 'resident score' and recommend the applicants as 'accept', 'low accept', 'conditional', or 'decline'.  I've found it to be easy to use.
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