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rental applications

On this application i had a married couple do separate apps. They show no credit history, have no bank account info she has an expired driver's (13 yrs ago) He has an identification card no driver's license and one applicant had checked no if full funds were available now and the other checked yes. Also CPS is involved with their kids they have to child proof the house and have it inspected by CPS for a 7 year old Downs Syndrome child means window locks changing out locks and possible damage to walls or cabinets. This does not seem like a good tenant both myself and my husband have a bad feeling about their apps. Do i still run a credit check on them and how would i expect to get paid if they have no bank act.? This is all new to me so i would like some suggestions on whether to move on or not we are still showing our house. Thanks

The expired drivers licence is basically invalid.  The other one has no identification.  Basically you don't know that you're even renting to the people they claim to be.  I'd refuse the application.  TX is a big state and their HAVE to be better tenants.  On the other hand, IF they can provide the completed application, and the appropriate ID, and the application fee (which covers the credit check and such), then I would process it and do a full credit and background check.  I do not see the disabled child as true hazard to the property, and to stay out of court neither should you.  It is entirely possible that they are good people who are taking care of a disabled child.  This is something I would applaud and try to do what I could to make it easy on them.  BUT only if I can reasonably do so.  Without ID and bank accounts it would be difficult.
I would definitely be wary of this bunch. I wouldn't just run a credit, I run a criminal and background verification check if you do choose to go through with it. I'd also request cash upfront. Or you could just choose to deny them for failure to meet the requirements of your application for renters due to the expired driver's license. I would also be hesitant to rent to anyone without a bank account, since it makes me feel that they are financially unstable.   I suggest you check out The have a cheap tenant screening service if the company you use only does credit checks. However even if you don't use them I recommend you check out their tenant fraud page. Has some useful information when to wary and why that you might find useful to help you look for red flags.
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